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CIET Student Support

ISA Student Section at UHD

The Instrument Systems, and Automation (ISA)is the leading institute for control and instrumentation and provides resources for professionals as well as students. Due to the strong presence of the process industry in the greater Houston area, the ISA Houston Section is the largest among all the ISA local sections, providing professional development and employment contacts to professionals and students in the field. The ISA Houston Section partners closely with CIET faculty, offering students opportunities to network with professionals in the field. Faculty and ISA Houston Section members have helped students establish the UHD ISA Student Section which is a direct result of the involvement and support of the education arm of ISA.

All CIED students are invited to apply to join ISA as student members. For an annual membership fee of $10, an ISA student member is entitled to:

  • ISA monthly magazine InTech which present the latest trends and technology in control and instrumentation industry.
  • The guidance of a mentor of ISA member with industry application experience..
  • Free dinners at the ISA Houston Section monthly meetings.
  • Networking with ISA members and keeping abreast with the latest development in the instrumentation technologies.

In December 2007, the then UHD ISA Student Section President, Mr. Grantley Christie, was awarded 2007 ISA student Scholarship (see photo below).

President Mr. Grantley Christie getting the awarded 2007 ISA Student Scholarship  

For further information about ISA student membership and UHD ISA Student Section, please contact, or Faculty Advisor Dr. W. Feng.


There are a number of scholarship opportunities available on merits basis, offered by Scholar's Academy.