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Applied Administration Majors

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Applied Administration (BAAS-AA) is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop competencies, skills, and the foundation preparation for promotion to administrative and supervisory positions in organizations. Students must have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree that includes an integrated block of workforce development technical/occupational courses that develops skills/knowledge needed for employment.

Students continuing at UHD who meet the following criteria may be admitted into the BAAS in Applied Administration degree program as a declared major:

  • UHD GPA of 2.25 or higher

  • Completion of an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from an institution accredited by a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recognized accrediting agency

Program/Major Student Last Name Assigned CPS Advisor Contact Information Schedule
Applied Administration A through Z Craig Heitmiller C-420
Mon, Thu, Fri
8 to 4:30 pm

8 am to 5 pm