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Body Love 4 All Program Development Internship

Body Love 4 All Program Development Internship

6835 Brace Street, Houston, TX 77601

About the Organization
Body Love 4 All’s mission is to empower everyBODY to discover and celebrate themselves, develop confidence, and create positive and supportive communities. Focusing on the key concentrations of size, gender, race, and ability, Body Love 4 All examines the intersection of body shame and wellness. So often, unhealthy relationships with our bodies manifest themselves in low self-esteem, poor decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, deliberate self-harm, school drop outs, etc. These can exacerbate mental illness and lead to further destructive behaviors. Our programs work to combat early onset of body issues in children which often lead to damaging and unhealthy behaviors towards themselves and others. In addition to our work with children, BL4A helps adults connect with themselves and transform their lingering self-love issues into feelings of confidence and happiness.

Built upon our four core principles of body love, we offer self-discovery and empowerment programming to children and adults. Those principles are:

1. Practice Radical Body Love, by focusing on self-care, self-love, and embracing your own unique beauty.

2. Enjoy Pleasurable Movement, by being present in your body and finding the type of movement that feels right for you.

3. Redefine Health, by reducing anxiety, listening to your body’s signals and creating a stronger relationship with yourself that can lead to better emotional and physical health.

4. Create Supportive Community, by raising awareness, educating your peers and strengthening your personal support networks.

Description of Internship
Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Development Intern (PDI) will help design, from the ground up, the programs of the organization. The PDI will play an important role in developing and implementing programming and curriculum for both the children’s and adult’s program. This internship will focus on all aspects of developing the programs, including brainstorming with staff about the idea, developing procedures and details, and assisting in creating program written program materials.

Body Love 4 All is an emerging organization in Houston, and is still developing programs, curriculum, products, and a donor base. Working with the organization is an excellent opportunity for an intern to learn all the various aspects of building and strengthening a nonprofit organization, from the beginning.


  • Participation in day-to-day activities of the BL4A office
  • Assisting with planning and curriculum development of body-love programs for children and adults
  • Assist with fundraising activities and special events
  • Provide support to program staff, on site and on location at events
  • Provide administrative support to Executive Director
  • Writing and editing materials for administrative and programmatic purposes
  • Other duties as assigned

The Program Development Intern must be committed to body-positive activism and be thoroughly committed to BL4A’s mission. Qualifications include:

  • Passion for the mission, vision, and values of Body Love 4 All
  • Strong communication skills and outstanding ability to maintain and foster relationships 
  • Ability to work with a diverse base of volunteers and clients
  • Excellent writing ability
  • Creativity and interest in collaboration
  • Interest in, and willingness to work with an emerging organization
  • Experience with program development
  • Experience with fundraising
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment, such as telephone, personal computer, printer, etc.
  • Knowledge of MS operating system and programs

Body Love 4 All is looking for an intern with program development experience and an understanding of non-profits. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in a future career in non-profit management.

Start Date
Position open until filled, requires 6 month commitment

A commitment of 10-15 hours a week for a minimum of six months is required.

This is an unpaid internship; however BL4A will offer occasional stipends, perks, and benefits. As the organization grows its donor base there is a possibility of intern positions becoming paid staff positions.

To Apply
Please a send cover letter, resume and writing sample to Laura Burns at