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Godwin Agboka

Photograph of Dr. Godwin Agboka

Godwin Agboka

Associate Professor Technical Communication

Office: S1065

Dr. Godwin Agboka is an Assistant Professor of Technical and Professional Communication, and has worked at UHD since August 2010. He obtained his Ph.D. in English Studies (Professional Writing and Rhetoric concentration) in 2010 from Illinois State University. Dr. Agboka currently teaches courses in business and technical communication, medical writing, science writing, and editing both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Agboka is also a journalist by profession.

​Ph.D.,  English Studies (emphasis Rhetoric and Professional Writing), Illinois State University, 2010

M.A., Linguistics, Illinois State University, 2006

B.A., English and Theatre Arts, University of Ghana, 2003

Diploma in Journalism, Ghana Institute of Journalism, 2000

  • ​ENG 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing
  • ENG 3318 Studies in English Grammar
  • ENG 3325 Medical Writing
  • ENG 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading
  • ENG 4306 Science Writing
  • ENG 5304 Proseminar in Professional and Technical Communication
  • ENG 5325 Advanced Medical Writing

​Dr. Godwin Agboka, tenure-track Assistant Professor of English, earned a Ph.D. in English Studies (specializing in Professional Writing and Rhetorics) in 2010 from Illinois State University. His research interests include the rhetorics of science and medicine, intercultural technical communication, social justice and human rights perspectives in technical communication, and research methodologies. He has published articles in these areas in journals such as Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and Connexions International Professional Communication Journal. His dissertation investigated communication practices that accompany non-prescription sexuopharmaceuticals from one cultural context to another. Dr. Agboka completed coursework in technical writing, international technical communication, research methods, technical editing, composition, and linguistics. He has also completed certifications from Quality Matters, the Online Learning Consortium. Thus, his educational, professional, and teaching experience equip him to teach courses in technical communication, medical and science writing, and research methods, in multiple content-delivery formats.

Broadly, Dr. Agboka's research investigates the social justice implications of technical communication. His research interests include intercultural technical communication, social justice in technical communication, the rhetoric of science and medicine, tensions between localization and globalization, and research methods. Dr. Agboka's publications have appeared in forums such as Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and Connexions • International Professional Communication Journal. In addition to presenting at various national and international conferences on his areas of interest, Dr. Agboka has also reviewed manuscripts and proposals for several technical communication journals and conferences.


Agboka, G. "Liberating intercultural technical communication from "Large Culture" ideologies: Constructing culture discursively." Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 42, 159-181. (April, 2012). Nominated for Best Article on Pedagogy  or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication at 2014 NCTE Scientific and Technical Communication Awards.

Agboka, G. "Participatory localization: A social justice approach to navigating unenfranchised/disenfranchised sites." Technical Communication Quarterly, 22, 28-49. (January 2013).

Agboka, G. "Thinking about social justice research: Interrogating the international in international technical communication discourse." Connexions International Professional Communication Journal, 1, 1-9 (May 2013). Lead Article.


Agboka, G. "Decolonial methodologies: Social justice perspectives in intercultural communication research." Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 44, 297-327. (September 2014).

Agboka, G. "Little by little: social justice perspectives in programs at a Hispanic-serving  institution." Proceedings, 39th Annual Conference of Council on Programs for Technical and Scientific Communication, ed. Lisa Meloncon. Houghton, MI: CPTSC, 2013.

Agboka, G. Review of Teaching intercultural rhetoric and technical communication: Theories,  curriculum, pedagogies and practices, (Eds. Barry Thatcher and Kirk St. Amant).  Journal  of Technical Writing and Communication, 43(1), 108-116. (January 2013).

Agboka (with Brooklyn Lehner) The Redbird Reader: A Collection of Student Writing (Ed.),   Normal: Stipes Publishing, L. L. C., 2009.

Agboka, G. "Indigenous Contexts, New Questions: Integrating Human Rights Perspectives in  Technical Communication." Book chapter in Integrating Theoretical Frameworks for Teaching Technical Communication (Forthcoming).

Winner (with Rey Romero) of Mini-Grant for Community Engagement ($2000), University of  Houston-Downtown, Fall 2014.

Winner of Organized Research and Creative Activities (ORCA) Grant ($4000), University of  Houston-Downtown, Fall 2013.

Article ("Liberating Intercultural Technical Communication from "Large Culture"  Ideologies: Constructing Culture Discursively)" Nominated by the Journal of             Technical Writing and Communication for NCTE/CCCC's Best Article on             Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication.

Doctoral Dissertation Nominated for Clarence W. Sorensen Distinguished Dissertation  Award, Illinois State University, November 2011.

Graduate Student Scholarship for Best Research, Association of Business           Communication, October 2010, ($400).

Winner of Master's Level Teaching Initiative Award, Department of English, Illinois State University, Spring 2005 ($400).

Nominated by Department of English, Illinois State University for Illinois State   University's Teaching Award, Level I Masters, Fall 2005.

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