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​Bachelor of Arts in ​History

The Bachelor of Arts in History at University of Houston-Downtown develops skills in writing, research, problem-solving and cultural sensitivity which prepare them for post-graduate study as well as profess​ional success.

Degree Requirements​

The B.A. in History requirements can be completed online or face-to-face. The program offers an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the political, social, and commercial history of the United States and the world. Your post-core history coursework requires a minimum of 33 hours in the major and two semesters of a single foreign language. Examples of history courses include:

  • Ethnic Minorities in American History
  • History of Mexico
  • The Vietnam War
  • 20th Century Russia​​
  • Middle Eastern History
  • Latin Ame​ric​an History
  • Historical Methods
  • History of Religion in the United States

B.A. in History Degree Information

The following four year degree plan is based on the UHD academic catalog. Students should meet with a UHD Academic Advisor to develop their own plan.

Secondary Education Concentration

Social Studies Secondary Education


The study of history teaches a student critical thinking, detailed analysis, and effective communication. As a result, a bachelor’s degree in history from UHD could lead to careers ​​in:

  • Federal intelligence agencies
  • ​Political campaigns and advocacy groups
  • Research institutions
  • ​Libraries
  • National and local news networks
  • Schools and universities​
​Suggested Minors
  • Gender Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Ethnic Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Religious Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Professional Writing - 18 Hours Minimum

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