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Hank Roubicek

Photograph of Hank Roubicek

Hank Roubicek

Professor of Communication Studies

Office: S1055

​Hank Roubicek, professor of communication. Dr. Hank Roubicek has been at UHD for twenty-nine years. He holds a B.A. in Communication from Ohio State, an M.A. in Interpersonal Communication and Counseling Psychology from Purdue, and an Ed.D. in Communication Education from the University of Maryland. He taught at several colleges in Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and New York before coming to UHD in 1983. With only three courses in the Communication curriculum offered that year, this award winning educator designed several courses, carefully advised students, and through his earlier administrative roles, helped to build a strong division of Communication within a large department of Arts and Humanities. Dr. Roubicek teaches most of the courses in the Communication Studies program, including communication-based graduate courses in Criminal Justice and Urban Education.

His research interests include communication methods for law enforcement practitioners, and the impact of human narratives in conversation.

Dr. Roubicek has presented, published, and designed instructional materials in the areas of applied communication and communication education. He is also a reputable consultant, local radio host, and active volunteer in the Houston community.

​Ed.D. in Communication Education, University of Maryland

M.A. in Interpersonal Communication and Counseling Psychology, Purdue

B.A. in Communication, Ohio State

COMM 1303: Storytelling
COMM 1305: Speech Performance
COMM 1306: Beginning Public Speaking
COMM 3304: Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 3309: Theory & Prac of Interviewing
COMM 4315: Speech Writing

​Dr. Henry Roubicek is an award-winning professor who has taught for 38 years. He has a doctorate in Education Communication and an M.A. in Interpersonal Communication. His doctoral dissertation blended writing with speech and produced meaningful results. He has maintained an active research program, writing 7 articles and 5 books with more than 80 professional presentations at conferences and other venues.

Graduate Coursework:
DRAMATIC ART 440: Children Dramatics
SPEECH 669: Speech Program Education + Train
Communication (COMM) 525: Advanced Interviewing
COM 607: The Audience
COM 508: Nonverbal Human Interaction

Essay entitled, "Myth as Function" for a classics text composed by Dr. Edwin Cueva. 2014

Completed new production of new student speeches to be included in the newest edition Public Speaking: Choices for Success. 2014

Authored So, What's Your Story? Discovering the story in you. Kendall/Hunt 2010

Designed, produced, and performed the online Narrative Text to accompany, Principles of Tradition and Change. Wallace. Kendall/Hunt 2010

Designed, produced, and performed the online Narrative Text to accompany, Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships. Campbell, Kristen; Kendall/Hunt Publishing 2000

Designed, produced, and performed the Narrative Text to accompany to accompany, Public Speaking: Choices for Effective Results. MacKay, John; Kendall/Hunt Publishing 2008

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