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Internships (Davies iProgram)

Employers seek students who have completed at least one internship while in school. Internships will help you gain the necessary skills employers are seeking while you are still in school. It can help you develop important key competencies such as communication, leadership and critical thinking which can help you become more employable.

Through the Davies College of Business Internship Program (Davies iProgram), you will learn how to pursue an internship and the option to gain course credit for your experience. By enrolling in our Davies iProgram you will gain access to apply for internships available on GatorHIRED!, learn key interviewing skills, and meet with a career coach who will assist you in the internship search process.

How Do I Enroll In The Davies iProgram?

Step 1:  Create/improve your resume using VMock and achieve a score of 85.
Step 2:  Upload your new resume to GatorHIRED.
Step 3:  Complete iProgram Enrollment Webinar located on GatorHIRED
Step 4:  Step 4: Make a Career Coaching appointment through your GatorHIRED account and select Mock Interviews. In a short 20-30 minute session, we will help you prepare for a professional interview, and help you practice your elevator pitch.