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Internship FAQs

Intern Student

Paid and unpaid opportunities are available throughout the year and the sooner you apply the better your chances of landing one. Many of the larger companies will start their recruitment of interns in the fall semester, however, some will also start their recruitment in the spring depending on their needs. The UHD Davies College of Business Career Center can be a valuable resource in helping you land an internship through the GatorHired platform.

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There are a number of ways to find an internship that can help you gain valuable work experience. The internship can be part-time, full time and it’s possible to find your own by using your own business contacts. Visit the Davies College of Business Career Center and speak to a career coach on job-seeking strategies. Download our Practical Steps to Finding an Internship. We also have the GatorHired system where you can find internships and employment opportunities (You must have accessed your account and have an approved resume to access the iProgram internship listings).

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Step 1: Create/improve your resume using VMock and achieve a score of 85.
Step 2: Upload your new resume to GatorHIRED.
Step 3: Complete iProgram Enrollment Webinar located on GatorHIRED
Step 4: Make a Career Coaching appointment through your GatorHIRED account and select Mock Interviews. In a short 20-30 minute session, we will help you prepare for a professional interview, and help you practice your elevator pitch.

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An internship, also known as Field Experience, integrates classroom learning with workplace experience. Field experience includes programs commonly called cooperative education and internship, whether in paid or unpaid positions. Field experience programs grant semester credit hours which apply toward the graduation requirements of certain degree programs. A position offered to a student through the field experience program reinforces and complements the student's academic field of study. Careful monitoring and appropriate academic assignments ensure that credit hours granted for field experience are comparable in academic and professional requirements to those granted for more traditional academic course work. Per UHD Policy PS 03.A.21.

Once you have accepted an Internship Position go to your GatorHIRED account and "Add New Experience" under the "My Internships" tab. If you are unable to submit your application, please contact us at 713-221-8191.

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