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Success Stories: John Locke

John Locke

UHD sophomore John Locke considered himself a class clown in high school and didn't know if college was the right choice for him. Through the influence of his mother and their shared love of reading, his eyes were opened to a new world and he began to appreciate the importance of education.

UHD was supposed to be a stepping stone for Locke, but he quickly became a part of something bigger.

He started his journey at UHD by taking summer classes and realized all of his professors were extraordinary. They really got to know him and he felt like they were rooting for him to succeed. Not only had they become his mentors, they inspired him to do better every day.

He soon made good friends, joined the Student Government Association and started an ad hoc committee called "Community Outreach," which opened doors for students to volunteer their time to help the homeless. He said, "It's something you see around Houston every day. The homeless all have individual stories and find themselves in different situations." His involvement in student government gave him a platform to help tackle these problems and get other students involved.

Today, Locke continues to be inspired by his professors and is looking forward to graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology. He then plans to pursue a master's degree in non-profit management so he can start his own non-profit organization.

Although he was initially uncertain about attending college, UHD ended up being the perfect fit for Locke. He said, "What I thought was a stepping quickly became my home. I've felt like I'm on top of a mountain at UHD. The university offers amazing opportunities for students and I just want other people to know that. You can stand out at UHD and you'll get a unique experience that you really can't get anywhere else."