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FIT Bucks Reimbursement Form


"FIT Bucks" (Fitness Instructor and Trainer Bucks) is an incentive program designed for UHD instructors (aerobics and specialty) and personal trainers to assist in their continuing education and professional development in the health and wellness industry. FIT Bucks can be earned throughout the fitness calendar year and must be redeemed before the next calendar year begins. Acceptable proof of attendance and reimbursement forms must be completed and turned in to receive compensation. 


Aerobics Instructors:

For every class taught, instructors will receive $2.00 in FIT Bucks.

As most classes are taught twice a week, instructors' FIT Bucks earned will total $4.00 per class each week.

Specialty Fitness Class Instructors:

​For every class taught, instructors will receive $4.00 in FIT Bucks. ​

Personal Trainers:

For every training session conducted, trainers will receive $1.00 in FIT Bucks.

There is no limit to the number of sessions per week (schedule permitting, of course.)

All Staff:

Any instructor or trainer that chooses to attend a workshop or event on or off campus will receive $2.00 per event. (Ex. Attend a UHD Healthy Seminar or a health conference)


Use your FIT Bucks to:

Take a continuing education course in your fitness specialty. 

Obtain a certification in a new area of fitness. 

Attend a professional conference.


​After taking a course or attending a conference, proof of attendance and payment must be provided to Rhonda or Lori and the instructor or trainer will be reimbursed for all or part of the cost depending on the number of FIT Bucks earned. 

Example: If a staff member earns $325 FIT Bucks between August and May and attends a conference in July that costs $299, he/she is eligible to receive a $299 reimbursement check and the remaining FIT Bucks will be forefeited if not redeemed before the end of the fitness program calendar year. 

​General Information

​The Sports and Fitness Department will keep record of all FIT Bucks earned for regular scheduled classes and/or training sessions. 

Instructors and Trainers must keep track of all extra FIT Bucks earned and provide proof of attendance at the end of each semester (i.e. Certificate of Completion)

There is no limit to the number of FIT Bucks earned throughout the year. 

FIT Bucks DO NOT carry over into the next fitness program calendar year...Use 'em or lose 'em!

FIT Bucks expire July 31st of each calendar year. 

If an instructor or trainer misses a scheduled class or session, no FIT Bucks will be awarded for that day. 

FIT Bucks have no cash value. 

FIT Bucks cannot be used to settle any debts with the university. 


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Last updated 11/14/2018 8:46 AM