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Class of 2022, The Dateline staff graduates: Indira Zaldivar, Editor; Edward Saenz, Assistant Editor; Carolina Valdez, Arts and Entertainment Editor; Jordynn Godfrey, Opinions Editor; Anita Goolcharan, writer; Taylor Enochs, writer.

The Dateline graduates thank UHD and the newspaper for a rewarding college experience

By Indira Zaldivar

As The Dateline’s spring 2022 graduates anticipate the date that will mark the culmination of our student years and the realization of our professional beginning, we thank and recognize the UHD faculty and administration and The Dateline for yielding a remarkable college experience.

As beautiful as commencement’s symbol of a new beginning is, graduates such as The Dateline’s Opinions Section Editor Jordynn Godfrey feels bittersweet about the conclusion of the experience as a UHD student and her depart from the faculty she met.

“I’m proud of my hard work and excited to graduate,” Godfrey said. “But, I’ll miss the wonderful faculty at UHD.”

Godfrey, an English major, said Professors Giuliana Lund, Katherine Jaeger, and Johanna Schmertz were “very influential.” She enjoyed taking two classes from each professor.

Godfrey joined The Dateline after Professor Joe Sample posted an open position advertisement in one of Sample’s technical communication classes. She has since blossomed into a dependable writer and section editor covering any topic that was assigned to her in a compelling way.

Just like Godfrey, I also joined The Dateline through one of Sample’s technical communication classes.

That invitation extended into my three years of contributing to the newspaper with stories about the people who make UHD and Houston so great and diverse.

I’ve also witnessed how The Dateline has enabled dedicated students to grow through new roles and challenges. The Dateline’s Assistant Editor Edward Saenz said that for most of his college experience, he came to class and went straight home. Saenz didn’t interact with anyone or go to school events until his work with The Dateline required him to be on campus more.

“Being a part of the Dateline...taught me skills I could never learn in a classroom,” Saenz said. “It taught me how to work with other people, and how to handle interpersonal relationships.”

The newspaper is a hands-on learning experience that has equipped us with storytelling, design, communication, and leadership skills. Personally, leading the newspaper team as the fall 2021-spring 2022 Editor and socializing with the team in the office has been my favorite, out of the many beneficial experiences I have cherished at UHD.

I’ve met talented and kind people through the newspaper.

For example, in fall 2021, The Dateline had the privilege to welcome writer Anita Goolcharan who has put her knowledge as a history major to the test through her insightful articles.

“Joining The Dateline was hands down the best decision I made at UHD,” Goolcharan said. “I have gained lifelong skills and made amazing friends here. I’m really going to miss it.”

We give credit where it is due, and we thank UHD and The Dateline for supporting this launchpad for students interested in careers in writing, editing, and media.

“I am leaving UHD with so much gratitude and joy,” Arts & Entertainment Section Editor Carolina Valdez said about her experience. “I have found confidence in my work that I never thought possible, and I hope to feed into that as I move forward.

Valdez graduates with a bachelor’s degree in English and earned the title of “most overworked yet excellent section editor” for fall 2021 and spring 2022.

“Congratulations to the class of 2022!” Valdez said. “May we all find success in our lives, whatever that may be.”

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