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Olympic medalist and World Boxing Council Flyweight Champion Marlen Esparza poses with a UHD student

Houston Olympic boxing champion welcomes UHD Gators
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Chase Giddings becomes Spring ISD’s first Black band director  

Houstonian Spotlight: Chase Giddings becomes Spring ISD’s first Black band director
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Masks save lives

Wearing a mask won’t hurt, but not wearing one could put someone at risk
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Earth Day murals in downtown Houston  

Earth Day murals keep adorning downtown Houston skyscrapers
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About The Dateline

The Dateline is the official newspaper of the University of Houston-Downtown. Serving the UHD community since 1982 and “Student Run Since Volume One,” we strive to meet the needs of a growing university as well as the growing metropolitan city that surrounds us.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in our nation, and situated at the heart of this vibrant city is the University of Houston-Downtown. The Dateline faces the challenge of bringing ethical and responsible journalism to the community in a format that will keep the students interested and engaged, while delivering the facts and hard truths oft ignored by others. As a bi-weekly newspaper we want to continue to make a print newspaper available to students, faculty, and administration regularly, while also incorporating the technology that marks the 21st century.

Regardless of the platform, The Dateline strives to maintain a balance between keeping our readers informed without catering to sensationalism or gossip. The newspaper is also a launch pad for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism, photography, writing, or media.

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