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WRC Tutoring Policies

Tutors will help students learn how to edit your own writing.

Tutors will not proofread or edit your assignments, but will gladly work with you to improve your skills.

Schedule an appointment to reserve a tutoring session.

Students may schedule one tutoring session per day and three sessions per week. Call us at 713-221-8669 to schedule or login to UHD Navigate.

Tutors may assist with one assignment per appointment.

For assistance with two assignments, please schedule two separate appointments.

Tutors may assist with any assignment unless your instructor informs us otherwise.

If your instructor prefers that we not be a resource for an assignment, then we advise that you consult with your instructor. As with all other assignments, when you have an essay exam, we cannot tell you if the subject matter is correct or incorrect and we will not edit the work. We can assist with the communication of the subject matter and, as appropriate, will use questions to help guide you for understanding. 

Please be on time for your appointment and reschedule or cancel, if needed.

If you are running late, please call us at 713-221-8669 we will reserve the remaining time without canceling the appointment. If you no-show for three or more appointments in one semester, you will be limited to walk-in tutoring until the semester’s end. If there is prior notice of a late arrival, the appointment will be canceled after 15 minutes.

Tutors cannot speculate about assignment grades.

Tutors can, however, share thoughts about your writing’s needs and strengths. Please consult with your instructor for any questions about your grades.

Tutors cannot assist current classmates.

Students are welcome to choose any other tutor on our staff.

Only tutors who have completed ENG 3318 may tutor ENG 3318 students.

If seeking help for this course, please schedule an appointment with a WRC professional or graduate tutor.

Student tutoring records are confidential.

If your instructor requires proof that you participated in tutoring, you may share an email copy of the tutoring session summary sent to your GatorMail.

Exceptions may be required by university policy, such as Title IX concerns.