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Graduate Peer Tutors

The Writing & Reading Center provides tutoring services for all UHD students and maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Meet our trained and experienced graduate peer tutoring staff.


Major: Technical Communication, M.S.
Degree: Technical Communication, B.S.
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level 1
Specialties and Bio: Jesse maintains an academic concentration in education and is motivated and determined to assist students in effectively reading, writing, communicating, and overall empowering students to leave writing sessions feeling more confident. Experienced in editing technical documents, reports, essays, creative fiction, non-fiction, and theatre writing, and loves researching new theories, among other areas in the academic field of English and technical writing. Brainstorming, mind-storming, and mind-mapping are techniques that Jesse uses occasionally.

Jesse Graduate Tutor


Available Tutoring Options
  • Online: Schedule an online session with a tutor at UHD NAVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor via Zoom.
  • In-Person: Schedule a in-person session with a tutor at UHD NAVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor in-person.