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Faculty Tutoring

Math Faculty Tutors​

The C4MS2 maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and reduces student anxiety about learning mathematics and statistics. Meet our experienced UHD Math Faculty tutors.

Bui, Trinh
Chan, Youn-Sha
Dozier, John
Heydari, Fariborz
King, J Patrick

Lazo, Iride
Muire, Kit
Nguyen, Ha
Porterfield, Mike
​Rehman, Ash
Simeonov, Plamen
Simmons, Anna
Tecarro, Edwin
Zafiris, Vasilis

Available Tutoring Options

  • Online: Schedule an online session with a tutor at UHD NAVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor via Zoom.
  • In-Person: Sche​dule a in-person session with a tutor at UHD N​AVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor​ in-person.