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Rules & Policies

UHD Esports Center Policies

  • No food or drinks.
  • No smoking/vaping.
  • Must have valid UHD identification card.
  • Be responsible, act appropriately, and be courteous.
  • Follow UHD student code of conduct.
  • Computer stations have 2 hour time limit.
  • If at the end of a two-hour session there is no one waiting to use a workstation, the student may continue to use station until such time as a demand for the workstations arises.
  • If items have been left at a workstation, but no one has been there for more than 15 minutes, those items will be moved to the check-in desk so the workstation can be free for the next student to use.
  • Stations can be reserved up to one week in advance. If no one shows up within 15 minutes of scheduled time, station will be released.
  • Faculty/staff will not be permitted to reserve computer stations.

Lab security

Compromising the security of any computer or network, and/or using university computing resources to engage in any illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Any changes to student accounts or access to any system must be requested by the responsible faculty member.

  • Use only your own account. Computing accounts are for use only by the person to whom the account has been issued by authorized computing personnel.
  • Do not disclose your information. A user may not disclose his/her password or allow other users to access his/her account.
  • Report suspicious activity. Each user is fully responsible for the activity of any account that has been assigned to him/her. If a user suspects that his/her account has been accessed by another user, the Manager of Student Technology Services should be notified immediately.
  • Users shall not represent themselves electronically as others.
  • No hacking. Users shall not by any means attempt to infiltrate a computing system or network either on the UHD campus or elsewhere.
  • Regulated external access. All users of UHD external network connections shall comply with the evolving "Acceptable Use" policies established by the external networks’ governing bodies.

Alumni Usage Policy

Priority access to computing resources will be given to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of the University of Houston-Downtown. To ensure the adequate availability of computing resources to the university community, Information Technology reserves the right to deny, limit, or defer access to computing resources to alumni.

All computer usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring; the user should have no expectation of privacy regarding any information contained on UHD computing resources.

Alumni are required to abide by the Regulations for Using Academic Computing Facilities and Resources at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Reservations Policy

Faculty and staff may not reserve esports center for private events during UHD Esports center hours of operation. Information Technology and Student Activities reserves the right to deny, limit, or defer access to staff/faculty. Reservations will only be granted on a case by case basis, so long as the event is within the scope of the mission of UHD.

Varsity competition esports team policy

All team members must be currently enrolled students in good standing with the University and have a 2.0 cumulative GPA Team members get priority for esports center usage and computer gaming station reservations.
Must qualify to be on team by attending an official try-out session recognized by UHD.