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Loren Blanchard – President

Dear Gators:

It is with great pride that I welcome you to the University of Houston-Downtown. Thank you for making UHD your university of choice. You are now part of a rich academic heritage that continues to impact our community and region.​​

As we build upon our vision to be an inclusive university of choice for Houstonians seeking to contribute to the social, intellectual, and cultural lives of our communities, we invite you to get involved with student life, engage in research opportunities, and volunteer in local communities.​​

Here at UHD, we invest in society's big challenges with degree programs that are increasingly aligned with complex urban issues. We are not only the University of Houston-Downtown, but we are also Houston's Downtown University—strategically positioned for partnerships with non-profit agencies and local businesses. Our role as the anchor institution of Houston connects you with opportunities to participate in projects and service opportunities designed to ameliorate conditions in our most vulnerable communities. Seek out these co-curricular experiences as they will equip you with Gator spirit and prepare you to not only compete in the competitive workforce but to effect positive change.

Our Division of Student Success and Student Life offers academic support, health services, career coaching, intramural and club sports, and enhanced curriculum opportunities through various programs and centers, each designed with your success in mind. Students, you are our top priority, and we stand proudly as your champions, cheering you on as you work toward your degree.

Please know that you are never alone here at UHD. Welcome to the family! ​


Loren J. Blanchard, Ph.D.


​ ​

Deborah Bordelon – Provost

Kimberly Lambert-Thomas – Vice President of Administration & Finance

Daniel Villanueva Vice President of Enrollment Management

Welcome to the University of Houston-Downtown and the upcoming academic year. The faculty, staff, and administration made deliberate efforts to ensure that this year is nothing short of amazing. UHD is a prominent institution that values personal engagement and cares deeply about every student. I encourage you to go beyond the classroom and interact with our faculty, staff, and administration throughout the year. I challenge you to forge personal connections with members of our university team and find mentors and advocates who will support you during your time here.

Our university has a wealth of opportunities waiting for you, and we eagerly anticipate your involvement, engagement, and connection with various clubs, academic programs, organizations, and university services designed to enhance your success. Studies consistently show that students who actively participate and connect with their peers and avail themselves to university services tend to achieve greater academic success. While your primary goal is to graduate, we want to ensure that you leave here fully prepared to confidently engage in a global society, armed with valuable experiences and skills. The more you engage, the more you learn!

Your tuition and fees not only support the academic classes you will take, but also contribute to the funding of essential services such as advising, the wellness and success center, academic support and tutoring, peer and ambassador programs, and success coaching to name a few. Although it is not mandatory to use these services, they play a vital role in your overall development as a well-prepared graduate. The university provides a wide range of diverse opportunities beyond the classroom that will assist you on your journey. For instance, you can participate in yoga classes, engage in service learning, pursue undergraduate research, work on campus, or attend virtual tutoring workshops designed to help you succeed. All these activities contribute to your growth as a well-rounded individual and expose you to the university's larger community.

As a first-generation college student who navigated the complexities of college life, personal finances, employment, and family dynamics, I understand firsthand the challenges that many of our student's face. I can confidently say that I would not have succeeded without the support and engagement within the campus community, guidance from mentors, and a strong belief in the goal of graduation. My personal academic experiences continue to fuel my dedication to this institution. I genuinely love my job and, most importantly, I love our students.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel helpless during your time as a student here, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I am here to assist you.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming academic year. Remember to get involved, get connected, and get engaged. Connect with me on social media, and I eagerly anticipate meeting each of you this year!

With admiration,

Daniel Villanueva, Jr., Ph.D.

Instagram: daniel_dm00

Vice President, Enrollment Management


Meritza Tamez – Dean of Student Life

Dear Students,​

Welcome to the University of Houston-Downtown! We are thrilled that you have chosen UHD to pursue and/or complete your academic goals. For over four decades, UHD has provided excellent educational opportunities through our high-quality academic undergraduate and graduate degrees that are designed to prepare you for immediate entry into the workplace, or for continued postgraduate studies and research. By starting or continuing your academic career at UHD, you are embarking on both a rigorous and rewarding journey that will enhance your personal, social, and career development. The UHD Student Handbook is your roadmap for accessing services, resources, and support across the University. We encourage you to use this handbook in making informed choices to ensure your success at UHD.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, a first-time-in-college freshman, a transfer student, a graduate, or an undergraduate, we have the tools and resources to support you in reaching your educational goals. In this handbook, you will find guidelines about required activities, such as registration and payment, as well as pertinent information about services offered by departments like the Library, Counseling Services, Student Leadership and Involvement, Financial Aid, and many more. Additionally, we clarify the values and standards that we expect from each student at UHD, as outlined in our student rights and responsibilities found in our policies at the end of this handbook. We recommend that you review the UHD Student Handbook carefully.

As you review this Handbook, we encourage you to consider the numerous curricular and

co-curricular opportunities available to you. We hope you will use your time at UHD to stretch, grow, and learn. Engage on campus, join a student club or organization, and get to know the resolute faculty and staff working to support you. Take advantage of the many campus resources designed to support you.

Once again, welcome to UHD. We are excited to have you as a student and look forward to aiding you in your success. If there is anything we can do to assist you, do not hesitate to contact us at 713-221-8100 or by emailing ​uhdstudentaffairs​​​ ​The Division of Student Success and Student Life is always ready to listen to your ideas and support you in the best way possible. Go Gators!

​ ​

With Gator Pride,
Meritza A. Tamez, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Life

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