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Strategic Planning Committee | Bridge to 50

Charge of the Strategic Planning Committee

  • Prioritize and collect all information shared by the six work groups to write and finalize the Bride Plan.
  • Spearhead the Bridge Plan development process, keeping with the timeline.
  • Communicate the progress of the plan with internal and external stakeholders and provide feedback and input to the steering committee and work groups.
  • Recommend any emerging themes, focal points, and/or goals for the FY 2025-2035 Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure the overall process is transparent that consists of stakeholder input and adequate feedback.


Standing bi-monthly meetings, and as needed.


Fall 2020-Fall 2021

Non-voting members include the co-chairs of the Bridge Plan work groups (student success, student access, programmatic advancement, research, scholarship & creative activities, external partnerships, and administration and infrastructure).

Committee Members:

​Name​Role​Representation​Voting​Term Ends
​Ron Beebe
​Co-Chair Faculty Senate Presiden​Yes​Fall 2020
​Bobbi Shaw​Co-Chair Staff Council President​Yes​Fall 2020
​Elisa Olsen​Member Executive Director of University Relations​Yes​Fall 2020
Lucy Bowen​Member Executive Director of Academic & StudentAffairs​No​Ex-officio
Jemma Sylvester-Caesar​Member Director, Gator Success Center​No​Ex-officio
Jeff Jackson​Member Department Chair of History, Humanities & Language​No​Ex-officio
Cathy Liu​Member Department Chair of Accounting & International Business​No​Ex-officio
Liza Alonzo​Member Director of Events & Alumni Relations​No​Ex-officio
Bryan Nguyen​Member Bryan Nguyen​No​Ex-officio
Taheshia Hobbs​Member Manager of Academic Projects​No​Ex-officio
Natalie Boehm​Member Assistant Director of Academic & Student Affairs​No​Ex-officio

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