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Guidelines can be found on the Emergency Management page.

Yes. UHD is now requiring face masks for those staff working on-campus in situations where they are in close proximity (within 6 feet) of others effective April 27, 2020 and until further notice. This requirement is also directed to all who are visiting campus, including students, contractors and visitors (10 years of age or older). Please note that face coverings do not need to be worn in the following circumstance

  • When working alone in a single office

  • When engaging in physical activity outside

  • When doing so poses a greater mental or physical health, safety or security risk

  • While operating outdoor equipment if not appropriate from a safety standpoint

  • When consuming food or drink

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 by a medical professional or via a COVID-19 test, then report the diagnosis on the COVID-19 Diagnosis Form and follow the advice of medical professionals to manage your symptoms. Follow Texas Department of State Health Services Guidelines for Discontinuing In-Home Isolation (fever free for 72 hours without use of medication) and submit a Request to Return to Campus Form when you no longer have symptoms or have two negative tests. More information on reporting
All UHD buildings have been disinfected through a treatment process that involves fogging areas with a proprietary blend of disinfectants and cleaners, combined with an antimicrobial coating for porous and non-porous surfaces. This treatment process is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful microbes and inhibit microbial growth, and is designed to last approximately 60 days. UHD has increased custodial cleaning and the availability of hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances, common areas and elevators.
Please visit the UHD Coronavirus page for updates on COVID-19 and travel information for the UHD community.
Please visit ESO’s COVID Resource site for information on the accommodations available to UHD faculty and staff and health and testing resources.
For more information on UHD’s phases to opening visit the Emergency Management page.
*These are constantly being updated with new information and additional questions.

Last updated 11/5/2020 7:49 AM