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Absence Management

​What is Absence Management?

Absence Management is the process for managing absences requesting leave via an electronic leave request form located in P.A.S.S. Types of leaves that may be requested using Absence Management include sick leave, vacation, emergency leave, bereavement leave, jury duty, and unpaid leave.

​Computer Log In

  1. Log into P.A.S.S.
  2. From the Self Service Menu, click on the "Time Reporting" link.
  • Time Reporting will allow you to:
  • Create your Absence Request​
  • View your timesheet, absence request history and absence balances.

3. Click on "Absence Request" to request leave. With Absence Management, there is no need to complete a paper request. The online version is the only required document needed for an employee leave request.​

  • Select the date the absence will begin.
  • Type in the date in MM/DD/YYYY format or click on the calendar icon to select the specific date.
  • Select the type of absence being requested.
  • Enter the end date of the leave.
  • Type in the end date in MM/DD/YYYY format or click on the calendar icon to select the specific date.
  • Select to calculate duration and the process calculates the hours of leave requested.
  • Enter a comment (optional).
  • Click on "Submit" and the request will be sent to th​e hiring manager.​

Please note, in the absence request form, employees can also view their absence request history at the bottom of the page.​

4. To Access the Absence Request History

  • Click onto the View Absence Request History at the bottom of the Request Absence Page or from the main menu.
  • Select the specific dates to search.
  • Click refresh to provide the results.
  • Employees are able to edit their requests through the history. If the leave has already been approved, employees must contact their manager if changes need to be made.

5. View instructions on editing a Denied Absence Request.

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