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​Frequently Asked Questions​

What happens when a UHD Program that requires state approved tra​ining is conducted on the campus of a Component University?

The UHD Program Operator is treated like a third party by the Component University. Likewise, when a component University conducts a program for minors on UHD's campus, the component University Program Operator is treated like a third party.

What happens whe​​​n a volunteer does not have a social security number, which is required for a background check?

The Office of General Counsel has determined that we cannot deny an individual the opportunity to be a volunteer at a campus program for minors because he/she does not have a social security number.  Accordingly, we will exempt volunteers with no social security number from the criminal background checks requirement.​ The vo​lunteer is sti​​ll required to successfully complete the training.​

When filling out the TDSHS - Campus Program for Minors Form what information​​ do I fill in for UHS training?

UH System Training Course Name: University of Houston System Child Protective Training

UH System Course Approval Number: CPM12-0072

Harris County Code Number: 101

Link to other Texas County Code Numbers