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Dr. William Waters

Dr. William Waters

Dr. William Waters

Associate Professor of EnglishEnglish


William Waters is an associate professor in the English Department at University of Houston-Downtown. His research and teaching interests are in writing theory and practice, the History of English Language, linguistics and modern grammar. He coauthored Destination Dissertation with Sonja Foss, and continues to present writing workshops for faculty and graduate students working on dissertations, books, and publications. Dr. Waters earned his Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of New Mexico and previously taught at the University of Maine, Orono, University College in Galway Ireland, and Cheongbuk National University in Korea.

Degrees Earned

Doctorate degree: English (University of New Mexico, 2000)

Courses Taught

  • ENG 1300 Fundamentals of English: Integrated Reading & Writing
  • ENG 1301 Composition I
  • ENG 1302 Composition II
  • ENG 1318 Introduction to the Study of English Grammar
  • ENG 2312 Survey of American Literature: 1865 to Present
  • ENG 3305 Essay Writing
  • ENG 3317 Studies in the Theory of Rhetoric
  • ENG 3399 Directed Study in English
  • ENG 5301 Contemporary Composition Theory
  • ENG 5327 Teaching College Writing Practicum
  • ENG 6301 Composition Pedagogy
  • ENG 6326 Theories of Developmental Writing and Reading
  • ENG 6371 Strategies for Writing Assessment
  • ENG 6393 MA Thesis

Experience Qualifications

Dr. Waters has a PhD in English from the University of New Mexico. He did coursework and comprehensive exams in Rhetoric and Composition, Nineteenth Century American Literature, and Language/Linguistics. He was an Assistant Professor of English at Northwest Missouri State University 2001-2008, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in theories of writing, English grammar, Composition, and Technical Writing. He has presented writing workshops at universities and conferences throughout the country, with special expertise in preparing and writing dissertations and theses.

More Information


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Dean's Service Award, Northwest Missouri State University, Fall 2006.

Tower Service Award, Northwest Missouri State University, Spring 2006.

Nominated for Outstanding Faculty Supervisor, Northwest Missouri State University, 2004, 2005, 2006.