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Vien Nguyen

Vien Nguyen

Vien Nguyen

LecturerMathematics and Statistics


I received my Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Pure Mathematics at Lamar University in 1990 and 1988, respectively.

While working toward my Master of Science degree, I was a Mathematics Instructor at Lamar University, Department of Technical Arts. There I taught Trigonometry and tutor students all level of Mathematics that are offered by the department. I enjoy teaching and am always learning more creative ways to make students understand and interest in the subject matter. I believe that to be a successful teacher, one has to love teaching, enjoy helping students, motivate their critical thinking and show them how to apply course material to problem-solving and decisions.

Degrees Earned

  • Master of Science in Mathematics, Lamar University - Beaumont, Texas.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Lamar University - Beaumont, Texas.

Courses Taught

Stat 3309 - Statistical Analysis for Business I

Stat 2300 - Introduction to Statistics

Math 1505 - Precalculus with Trigonometry

Math 1404 - Precalculus Mathematics

Math 1310 - Contemporary Mathematics

Math 1306 - Fundamental of Calculus with Applications

Math 1305 - Finite Math with Applications

Math 1302 - Plane Trigonometry

Math 1301 - College Algebra

Math 1300 - Intermediate Algebra

Math 0300 - Beginning Algebra

CS 1410 - Introduction to CS with C++

CS 1408 - FORTRAN 90

CS 1305 - Introduction to Computer Technology

Experience Qualifications

Teaching Experience:

1990 - Present, University of Houston-Downtown, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Houston, Texas, Lecturer.