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Sripriya Jayasankar

Sripriya Jayasankar

Sripriya Jayasankar

LecturerGeneral Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management


Prior to beginning my teaching career, I worked in fashion exports and consumer package goods industry working for various Multinational companies and brands for their national and global marketing plans.

My work experiences include International client management, helping them with outsourcing apparel merchandise from India for mass marketing/private labels for retail in Europe and the US. My experiences also includes conducting primary research and qualitative analysis for market research projects and lastly, it includes actively setting up and monitor promotional trade funds for many leading US companies such as Mars Food, Phoenix Brands, Hershey's, as part of their ongoing sales and marketing budget to promote their Brands through various channels in the US.

Additionally, in addition to teaching, I like to pursue opportunities to help small businesses with various marketing and research oriented projects.

Degrees Earned


  • MBA, Master's Degree in International Marketing Management

Formerly known as Thunderbird, American Graduate School of International Management, now affiliated to ASU, AZ

Majoring in Advanced Marketing Management focused on Global Businesses, Strategic Marketing Concepts & Principles and Market Research

  • Post Graduate Diploma

Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Merchandising

National Institute Of Fashion Technology (affiliated with F.I.T NY), New Delhi, India

Majoring in Garment exports & merchandising concepts, international quality assurance standards, textiles & fabrics

  • B.Sc., Bachelor of Science: Mathematics Hons.

University of Delhi, India

Courses Taught

  • UHD, Houston, Downtown: Principles of Marketing F2F and Online
  • HCC, Houston: Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Services Marketing, Retail Marketing
  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore: Textiles And Fabrics for Mass Apparel designs, Business Mathematics, Subject to related to Fashion from Merchandising and Marketing perspective

Experience Qualifications

For over 20 + years collectively, worked in Fashion Exports companies and Consumer package goods industry- Market Research Group and Sales and Marketing agency. My experiences have been in the areas of Client Management (fashion merchandising and quality assurance); Market Research Projects, Fund management for CPG clients (Funds assigned for sales and marketing programs)

More Information

Researched and developed marketing strategy plans commissioned by an small businesses. Also, published Marketing Plan documents with the main purpose for the businesses to obtain private capital funding.

Currently own and operate proprietary business, marketing Lifestyle Brands to final consumers using networking model and also using business coaching platform to coach individuals in the team to grow their businesses profitably.