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Shawn Aykroyd

Shawn Aykroyd

Shawn Aykroyd

Clinical Assistant Professor of Teacher Education Certification and ComplianceUrban Education


Throughout my 30 years in education, I have had a variety of teaching and administrative positions. I started in the middle school classroom and spent many years in the elementary setting. As an administrator, I worked at multiple levels and focused on several initiatives that included portfolios in the classroom, school-to-work programs, and supervising new teachers.
My philosophy of teaching is based on my early personal experiences in school; I love school and I love learning. My entire experience in education has been based on those beliefs. My focus has been to get students to be as eager to learn and involved in learning as I am, and then in return use that to teach their own students.
Most recently, I have dedicated my career to preparing students to fill the ongoing need for teachers in Texas classrooms. Working with pre-service teachers allows me to help students put into practice the theory they learn in the classroom. Teacher certification exams prove to be a challenge for many students, and I strive to create innovative ways to prepare and motivate students to be successful in passing these exams.

Degrees Earned

University of Houston M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

Texas A&M University B.S. in Elementary Education

Courses Taught

PED 3305 Understanding the EC-12 Learner
SOSE 4303 Issues in Urban Teaching
EED 3312 Effective Teaching Strategies in Math Education
SOSE 3306 Culture of Urban Schools
PED 4380/4381 Field Experience in Urban Public School Classrooms
EED 4301 Student Teaching in the Elementary Classroom

Experience Qualifications

Presenter at the 1997 Kentucky Tech Prep/School to Work Conference
Principals for Tomorrow, Jefferson County Public Schools

More Information

Lone Star College –Recipient of Technology for Teachers Mini-Grant