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Dr. Scott Davis

Dr. Scott Davis

Dr. Scott Davis

Assistant ProfessorGeneral Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management


Discipline: Marketing

Scott Davis is an enthusiastic advocate of blended learning and interactive classrooms. He earned degrees in Operations, Business Management, and Marketing. His experience and interests include courses in Sales Management, Personal Selling, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, New Product Development, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Dr. Davis is committed to helping students discover and develop practical, real-world applications of marketing education through classroom activities and creative online course material. He engages industry experts, academics, and students in his program of research which includes healthcare marketing, consumer self-control, and social media marketing.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. Marketing
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Dissertation: "The (In)Effectiveness of Self-Control Interventions"

Master of Business Administration
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

B.S. Operations Management
University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware
Minor: Management Information Systems

Courses Taught

Marketing Management

Principles of Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

Consumer Behavior

New Product Development

Experience Qualifications


Busch, Paul M. and Scott W. Davis, "Building Your Personal Brand from the Inside-Out: An Assignment Using Clifton's Strengths Finder and 360 Reach," in press at Marketing Education Review.

Davis, Scott W. and Kelly L. Haws (2017), "Don't Sweat the Big Stuff: Emphasizing Importance Hinders Goal Pursuit for Consumers Low in Dispositional Self-Control Resources," Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, January 2017, 2(1), 93-104.

Davis, Scott W., Kelly L. Haws, and Joseph P. Redden (2016), "Is This Food Healthy?: The Contextual Influence of Prior Foods on Healthiness Perceptions," Journal of Marketing Behavior, October 2016, 2(1), 1-17.

Haws, Kelly L., Scott W. Davis, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2016), "Control Over What? Individual Differences in General versus Eating and Spending Self-Control," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Spring 2016, 35(1), 37-57.

Haws, Kelly L., Scott W. Davis, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2016), "Salad = Success and Fries = Failure? Conceptualizing and Assessing Self-Control Outcome Measures in Food Decision Making Research," Journal of Consumer Behaviour, March/April 2016, 15(2), 99-116.

Berry, Leonard L., Scott W. Davis, and Jody Wilmet (2015), "When the Customer Is Stressed," Harvard Business Review, October 2015, 86-94.

Martin, Ingrid M., Michael A. Kamins, Dante M. Pirouz, Scott W. Davis, Kelly L. Haws, Ann M. Mirabito, Sayantani Mukherjee, Justine M. Rapp, and Aditi Grover (2013), "On the road to addiction: The facilitative and preventive roles of marketing cues," Journal of Business Research, 66 (8), 1219-26.

Grover, Aditi, Michael A. Kamins, Ingrid M. Martin, Scott Davis, Kelly Haws, Ann M. Mirabito, Sayantani Mukherjee, Dante Pirouz, and Justine Rapp (2011), "From Use to Abuse: When Everyday Consumption Behaviours Morph into Addictive Consumption Behaviours," Journal of Research for Consumers, 19, 1-8.

More Information

Dean's Award for Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, 2013-14

Postdoctoral Fellow, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, 2015-17

Reviewer for Journal of the Association for Consumer Research

Member of American Mensa, Association for Consumer Research, and Society for Consumer Psychology