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Dr. Peter DeVries

Dr. Peter DeVries

Dr. Peter DeVries

ProfessorFinance and Management Information Systems
B 428


Discipline: MIS

Dr. Peter D. DeVries is a Professor of EIS at the University of Houston-Downtown in the College of Business. DeVries earned an Industrial Engineering degree from Texas A&M, an MBA from Texas State, and a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis from the University of Arkansas. Dr. DeVries has published in a variety of journals on topics including wireless networking, the Internet, website design, the eBay economy, RFID, on-line education, entrepreneurship, banking fraud, social media and cloud computing. Prior to academia, DeVries was an Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer, KPMG Management Consultant and SAP Consultant implementing global corporate enterprise systems. DeVries currently teaches Systems Architecture, the Systems Development Project class, and well as the MIS course in the MBA program.

Degrees Earned

PhD in CIS & Quantitative Analysis from University of Arkansas,

MBA from Texas State,

BS Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M

Courses Taught

EIS 3315: Enterprise Architecture (3) (U)
EIS 4312: Systems Development Project (3) (U)
GBA 5207: Management Info Systems (2) (G)
MBA 6207: Management Info. Flows (2) (G)

Experience Qualifications

Business and Professional Experience:

Aerospace Engineer
Management Consultant with KPMG
SAP Implementation Consultant
Professor of Information Systems
Restaurant Owner/Partner

Organizations/Community Experience:

Certified Manufacturing Engineer
Beta Gamma Sigma
Service Learning & Community Engagement Professor

More Information

I have an interest in streamlining business processes and improving upon the present state of systems. Academically, I have interest in project management, enterprise systems such as SAP, and the latest trends in information systems, such as cloud computing and mobile applications.