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Dr. Nina Barbieri

Dr. Nina Barbieri

Dr. Nina Barbieri

Associate Department Chair & Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice


Curriculum Vitae

My research interests are in the area of adolescents, particularly focusing on at-risk youth and school related experiences. My teaching interests include juvenile justice, crime and delinquency, criminological theory, and criminal justice policies. I think it is important to understand the connectivity between criminological theory and criminal justice policies and how the both affect each other.

Prior to this current academic position, I have worked as a certified special education instructor, and was most recently employed at an alternative charter school. My interests in helping at-risk youth was solidified during my time in this career. While completing my doctoral degree, I was able to participate as a research assistant for a federally funded mentoring project designed to match up high school students with local college students.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas Criminology

MS University of Texas at Dallas Criminology

BA University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Sociology

Courses Taught

CJ 3301
CJ 3306
CJ 3308

Experience Qualifications

(Under review) Barbieri, Nina & Craig, Jessica M. Do the Effects of Strain and Religiosity on Criminal Coping differ by Race and Ethnicity?

(Under review) Barbieri, Nina & Connell, Nadine M. Examining General Strain: Using Subjective and Objective Measures of Academic Strain to Predict Delinquency.

2016 Barbieri, Nina, Clipper, Stephen J. & Vasquez, Arthur G. Adolescent gang membership and differences in self: Identity, esteem, and efficacy. Deviant Behavior 37(12), 1429-1442.

2015 Connell, Nadine M., Jennings, Wesley G., Barbieri, Nina, & Reingle-Gonzalez, Jennifer M. Arrest as a way out: Understanding the needs of adult female sex trafficking victims identified by law enforcement: A research note. Journal of Crime and Justice, 38(3), 351-360.
Reprinted in Human Trafficking: Contexts and Connections to Conventional Crime (2016). Edited by Joan Reid. New York, NY: Routledge Academic.

2014 Barbieri, Nina, Connell. Nadine M., Reingle-Gonzalez, Jennifer M. Understanding school effects on students' willingness to report peer weapon carrying. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. 13(3), 258-269.

2014 Barbieri, Nina & Connell, Nadine M. A cross-national assessment of media reactions and blame finding of student perpetrated school shootings. American Journal of Criminal Justice. 40(1), 23-46.

More Information

Professional Affiliations

2016 - Present Southwestern Academy of Criminal Justice (SWACJ) 2012 - Lifetime Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 2012 - Present American Society of Criminology (ASC) 2012 - Present International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA)