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Dr. L. Kirk Hagen

Dr. L. Kirk Hagen

Dr. L. Kirk Hagen

Professor of HumanitiesHistory, Humanities, and Languages


L. Kirk Hagen, professor of humanities, received his B.A. in Philosophy and French and his M.A. in French from the University of New Mexico, and his Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education from the University of Illinois. He teaches humanities and French courses in the Arts and Humanities Department at UHD. Dr. Hagen's publications have appeared in the ADFL Bulletin, La revue canadienne des langues vivantes, Proceedings of the 20th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, the CALICO Journal and Evolutionary Psychology. From 1996 to 2000, he was project director for Spanish for Business Professionals, a $171,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education for the development of an interactive, intelligent, multimedia Spanish-language CD-ROM series. From 2001 to 2007, he was a contributor to Skeptic magazine. His book Second Language Acquisition: An Evolutionary Linguistics Approach, was published by the University of Michigan Press in October 2008.

Degrees Earned

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in French (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1990)

Courses Taught

FREN 1401: Elementary French I (4) (U)
FREN 1402: Elementary French II (4) (U)
HUM 3310: Cultural Criticism (3) (U)
HUM 3320: Literature in Translation (3) (U)
HUM 4098: Hum. Senior Portfolio (0) (U)
HUM 4380: Field Experience in Humanities (3) (U)
UHD 2304: University Seminar-Culture (3) (U)

Experience Qualifications

Dr. Hagen is a contributor of nine articles to Skeptic magazine. Some of his Skeptic's contributors include leading scientists, scholars, investigative journalists, historians, professors and teachers who promote critical thinking and lifelong inquisitiveness in all individuals. The magazine has an international circulation of more than 50,000.He has completed several hours of graduate coursework in related field.

Graduate Coursework:
FRENCH 412: French Non-Poetic Literature
FRENCH 422: French Dramatic Literature of the Classical Period
FRENCH 452: 20th Century Theater
FRENCH 520: French Thought
FRENCH 453: Practicum in 20th Century French Theater
FRENCH 551: Problems in French Literature
FRENCH 411: Poetry of the Renaissance
FREN 423: French Non-Dramatic Literature
FRENCH 441: French prose Fiction 19th Century
FRENCH 560: Québec Literature
LING 401: Syntax
LING 441: Syntax II
LING 325: Psycholinguistics
LING 370: Language, Culture and Society
ESL 335: Neuro-linguistics
ESL 360: Principles of Language Testing
ESL 460: Research methods

Academic Scholarship/Research/Creative Endeavors:
Sample publications (4 of 19)

  • God's Lawyer's Skeptic 20, 2 (2015), forthcoming.
  • Anthropology No More. Skeptic 18, 2 (2013), 55-57.
  • Speechless: Facilitated Communication, a long-debunked pseudoscience, makes a surprising return. Skeptic 17, 3 (2012). 14-19.
  • The bilingual brain: Human evolution and second language acquisition. Evolutionary Psychology 6,1 (2008). 43-63.