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Joseph Wojcik

Joseph Wojcik

Joseph Wojcik

AdjunctCriminal Justice


Curriculum Vitae

Degrees Earned

MS Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice

BS Truman State University Criminal Justice

Courses Taught

- Criminal Investigations

- Security Management

- Introduction to Criminology

- Police Systems and Practices

- White Collar Crime

- Crime in America

- Fundamentals of Criminal Law

- The Courts and Criminal Procedures

- Security and the Law

- Introduction to Security

- Drug Use and Abuse

- Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

- Professionalism and Ethics in Criminal Justice

- Understanding Human Behavior

- Crime Photography

Experience Qualifications

Designing and Writing an Individual Developmental Plan
Internal and External Investigations in Retail
Mentoring Leaders
Coaching and Corrective Action
Strategic Planning and Thinking
College Relations
Standards and Ethics in Assets Protection
Accelerated Developmental Program for Assets Protection Executives
Insights to Retail Investigations and Interrogations
Basic Crime Prevention Course, Internal Theft and Shoplifting Prevention, Law Enforcement Training Center, Rice University
Conversational Interviewing Techniques
Loss Prevention Certification and Training for Managers
Additional Experience
Management, evaluation, and direct and indirect supervision of loss prevention professionals during the performance of their daily duties in protecting company's assets.
Installation, troubleshooting, and operation of CCTV equipment, including covert and overt camera systems, and electronic and physical security assess hardware.
Completion of physical security and operation audits and evaluation.
Management and completion of investigations leading to the resolution of cases and incidents, involving internal and organized retail theft, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and policy violations, and other crimes committed on company property.

More Information

Annual American Society of Industrial Security Conference, "Cargo Theft-Deterrence and Prevention", Washington, D.C., 1991

Annual Target Corporation Assets Protection Conference, "Recruiting the Best of the Best", Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1994

Numerous workshops training managers at Pappas Restaurants