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Dr. Joseph Ugwu

Dr. Joseph Ugwu

Dr. Joseph Ugwu

AdjunctCriminal Justice


Curriculum Vitae

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. Prairie View A&M University Juvenile Justice

MS University of Houston-Downtown Criminal Justice
LL.M University of Houston Master of Laws

LL.B University of Nigeria Bachelor of Laws

Courses Taught

- Criminology
- Correctional Systems
- Ethics in Criminal Justice
- Research Methods in Criminal Justice
- International Criminal Justice
- Race and Crime
- Juvenile Justice System
- Criminal Evidence and Procedure
- Criminal Court Systems

Experience Qualifications

Adjunct Instructor | May 2013 – June 2018
Prairie View A&M University
Courses taught included Principles of Criminal Justice, Court Systems and Practices, Law of Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Justice Systems, Criminal Procedure, Police Systems & Practices, Introduction to Homeland Security, Conflict Mediation/Resolution, and Crime in America.
• Developed course content to align with departmental and institutional learning objectives for each class assigned, used required and optional texts, and confirmed that the materials used adequately supported the learning objectives
• Designed course syllabi to guide students on expectations for each class, expatiate course objectives, and clarify metrics for grading
• Prepared lectures and other learning content that were instructive, engaging and relevant for students in different formats, including self-produced videos and third-party sources
• Taught students at both undergraduate and graduate levels the course content as developed with the rigor, expertise, and independent thinking expected at the college level
• Made judgments and decisions on student papers, presentations and other course output to confirm compliance with rubrics and other grading criteria; gave positive feedbacks on good output, and instructive feedbacks on areas for improvement
• Always completed all required faculty developmental trainings and maintained an updated Transcript

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Justice Studies
Prairie View A&M University | August 2011 – June 2013
• Assisted tenured and tenure-track faculty with conducting research and performing other duties as assigned
• Accompanied and chaperoned undergraduate students during required on-campus and off-campus educational engagements and kept records of attendance
• Made presentations at college organized symposiums on research topics developed as a Ph.D. student and graduate assistant
• Attended professional conferences as part of the educational and developmental objectives of the Ph.D. program
• Taught undergraduate classes within the Department of Justice Studies as assigned, with job performance reviewed by department heads, and feedbacks provided

Lecturer, Department of Business Administration and Management
Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana, Nigeria | September 1992 – March 2005
• Taught students and graded examinations and other tests in Principles of Nigerian Law, Company Law, Business Law, and Administrative Law
• Served as a member on several committees and served as committee chair on some occasions
• Represented the Polytechnic in court as attorney in several legal matters and cases
• Prepared legal instruments for the polytechnic such as powers of attorney, constitutions for associations, legal agreements, contracts, etc.
• Rendered consultancy legal services to the polytechnic

Principal Attorney
Otu Ugwu & Company, Afikpo, Nigeria | August 1988 – March 2004
• Advised and represented clients in court, before agencies, and in private legal matters
• Interpreted laws, rulings and regulations for clients, and communicated with colleagues, judges, and other relevant parties on their behalf
• Researched and conducted thorough and rigorous analysis of numerous legal problems
• Presented facts orally and in writing to clients, and argued cases on their behalf
• Served as special prosecuting attorney for the state Attorney General
• Drafted and filed legal documents such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, deeds, and other instruments

More Information

• Ugwu, J. & Britto, S. (2015). Perceptually Contemporaneous Offenses:
Explaining the Sex-Fear Paradox and the Crimes that Drive Male and Female
Fear. Sociological Spectrum, 35(1), 65-83.

• Britto, S., Stoddart, D., & Ugwu, J. (2017). Perceptually Contemporaneous
Offenses: Gender and Fear of Crime among African American University
Students. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice,

• Ugwu, J. (2012). Missing and Abducted Children. Paper presented at the College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology Symposium, PVAMU.

• 2nd place winner, "Diversity in Research" Graduate Paper Presentation, College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology, PVAMU, 2012.

• Ugwu, J. (2013). Juveniles Who Sexually Abuse Minors. Paper presented at the College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology Symposium, PVAMU.

• Ugwu, J. (2015, October). Fear of Abduction: The Case of African American Adolescents. Paper presented at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice, South Padre Island, Texas.

• Ugwu, J. (2016, November). The Nigerian Diaspora in the United States: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Paper presented as keynote speaker at the bi-annual conference of African Week in Auxerre, France.

• Stoddart, D. & Ugwu, J. (2019). Breaking the Silence on Weapons in School: What Role Does Fear of Crime Play? Paper presented at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice, Houston, Texas.