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Dr. Jamie Daigle (Jones)

Dr. Jamie Daigle (Jones)

Dr. Jamie Daigle (Jones)

LecturerGeneral Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management


As a leaderful instructor to the influential minds craving the attainment of higher education, it is my passion to be impactful, inventive; to ordain learners to make reasoning an addictive pastime, an enjoyable interaction and practice that offers measurable benefit. Long were the day's managers were deemed as the nebulous cloud of knowledge and solutions for organizational prescriptions. My students are taught to be leaderful by pushing the boundaries of their own clouds, emancipating assumptions and bias to understand the totality of their businesses and situations that naturally occur in practice through metacognition (thinking about ones thinking).

"I enjoyed her distinct and unique thought process. She pushed to be more comfortable with outside the box thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed her insight and have begun to apply it in my everyday" - MBA Student Summer 2016

"The most inspirational teacher I've met to date. Really enjoyed her class." - MBA Student Fall 2016

Jamie Daigle has more than six years' experience teaching at the collegiate level. She is currently conducting her dissertation for her Doctorates of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool. She has earned a Masters of Business Administration. Her experience includes being an entrepreneur and holding executive level positions in management, instructing supply chain management courses at Texas A&M University- Texarkana and accounting.

Degrees Earned

Doctorate of Business Administration- ABD University of LIverpool, 2019

Courses Taught

Supply Chain Management
Professional Development
Business Statistics
Business Finance

Experience Qualifications

Business and Professional Experience:

2013-2016 Business and Accounting Manager
2016-2017 Instructor of Supply Chain Management
2010-2011 Chief Financial Officer
2005-2009 Operations and IT Supervisor
2003-2005 Claims Analyst

More Information

Grader for MBA classes

Research and Creative Interests:

Accepted for Publication Referred Journal Articles
Matthews, B., Daigle, J (in press). Quantifying Human Capital for Valuation on Future Balance Sheets and to Enhance Crisis Management. Journal of Management Systems.
Other Scholarly Work/Publications
Daigle, J. (2016). Arithmetically Calculating Human Capital Quantify Talent of Corporations and Predict Future Fiscal Positions - Impacting the Knowledge Economy (March 28, 2016). Available at SSRN:
Daigle, J. (2016). Incentives, Ethics and Bonus Structures (2016) Available at SSRN: