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Dr. Ivan Gan

Dr. Ivan Gan

Dr. Ivan Gan

Assistant ProfessorArts and Communication


Ivan Gan is an assistant professor in the Department of Arts & Communication at the University of Houston-Downtown. He studies the implications of work arrangements and socialization experiences in complex organizations.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Texas A&M University

M.A., Western Kentucky University

J.D., University of New South Wales (Aust.)

B.A. (with honors), Calvin College

Courses Taught

COMM 5320 Strategic Communication Theory and Practice

COMM 4310 Communication in the Organization

COMM 3399 Directed Study in Communication

COMM 3340 Communication and Leadership

COMM 3330 Nonverbal Communication

COMM 3319 Communication in Conflict

COMM 3314 Research in Communication Studies

COMM 3310 Women, Men & Communication

COMM 3309 Theory and Practice of Interviewing

COMM 1304 Introduction to Communication

More Information

Gan, I. (in press). Temporary workers who pursue the contemporary well lived, flourishing life: A qualitative study. Western Journal of Communication.

Gan, I. (2022). Understanding the causes and consequences of envy among nurses: A scoping review. Journal of Nursing Management, 30(7), 2825-2832.

Gan, I., & Flores, K. M. (2022). What have college students lost as they cope with the COVID-19 pandemic? Journal of Loss and Trauma, 27(6), 583-584.

Gan, I. (2021). Registered nurses' metamorphosed "real job" experiences and nursing students' vocational anticipatory socialization. Communication Studies, 72(4), 563-579.

Gan, I. (2020). The allegory of the university: Employee voice, employee silence, and organizational power. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 21(1), 59-65.

Gan, I. (2020). A scoping review of the nursing workforce's changing demography: Supporting Baby- Boomer nurses. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(7), 1473-1480.

Gan, I. (2020). Social comparison and perceived envy‐motivated communication involving travel nurses: A qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(2), 377-384.

Gan, I. (2020). How do nurse managers describe clinical nurses' work arrangements? A qualitative study. Nursing Open, 7(1), 160-169.

Gan, I. (2019). How do nurses' work arrangements influence nurse managers' communication? A qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Management, 27(7), 1366-1373.

Gan, I. (2019). Alternative work arrangements: Reshaping the future of nurses' workplace communication and relationships. Nursing Forum, 54(2), 227-231.

Gan, I. (2017). Advancing a distributive-bargaining and integrative negotiation integral system: A values-based negotiation model (VBM). Social Sciences, 6(4), 115.

Gan, I. (2015). Bringing the magic of folk literature and nursery rhymes to communication classes. Communication Teacher, 29(4), 206-211.

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