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Dr. Hanjin Mao

Dr. Hanjin Mao

Dr. Hanjin Mao

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Nonprofit ManagementSocial Sciences


Dr. Hanjin Mao is a newly joined Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management at the University of Houston-Downtown. She received her Ph.D. in Public Administration from Rutgers University - Newark. She holds a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers University - Newark and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Hohai University in China.

Dr. Mao's research interests include nonprofit management, nonprofit finance, information technology, and public and nonprofit education. An overarching research question of her recent research is how nonprofit organizations could improve their capacity by acquiring resources in information technology adoption and public engagement.

Dr. Mao values inclusive education. She is a caring and supportive instructor in the classroom. She has earned a national certificate in Effective College Instruction. Meanwhile, she researches about how to better educate the future public servants and engaged citizens and advocates for underrepresented students, instructors, and scholars in the field.

Degrees Earned

2022 Ph.D. in Public Administration, Rutgers University - Newark

2015 Master of Public Administration, Rutgers University - Newark

2012 LL.B. in Political Science, Hohai University (China)

Courses Taught

POLS2305 Federal Government

POLS6312 Resourcing the Nonprofit Organization

SOS6311 Principles of Nonprofit Finance

Experience Qualifications


Journal Articles

  • Yahong Zhang, Marc Holzer, Hanjin Mao, Fangda Ding & Huafang Li (Online First). The Fruits of Diversity and Globalization: Participation and Contributions of East-Asian Scholars in Public Administration, Public Integrity.
  • Hanjin Mao & Huafang Li (2022). Can machine understand public administration literature? Applying text mining for systematic review. Chinese Public Administration Review, 13(4), 226-238.
  • Yahong Zhang, Lois Warner, & Hanjin Mao (2022). Challenges of Asian International Students in the U.S. Public Affairs Programs: A Cross-Discipline Review. Chinese Public Administration Review, 13(1-2), 55-66.
  • Hanjin Mao (2021). Experiential Philanthropy: A Systematic Review of Peer-Reviewed Literature. Philanthropy and Education, 5(1), 72-86.

Book Chapter

  • Hanjin Mao & Lindsey McDougle. "Nonprofit Income Portfolio Analysis." (Forthcoming Book Chapter in The Encyclopedia of Nonprofit Management, Leadership, and Governance, edited by Kevin Kearns & Wen-Jiun Wang)

Book Review

  • Hanjin Mao (2020). Review of the Book Public Administration Research Methods: Tools for Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice, by W. S. Eller, B. J. Gerber & S. E. Robinson. Chinese Public Administration Review, 11(2), 142-143.

Teaching Certificates

  • Certificate in Effective College Instruction, Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), includes:
    • Microcredential in Designing Student-Centered Courses
    • Microcredential in Inspiring Inquiry and Lifelong Learning in Your Online Course
    • Microcredential in Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Online Learning Environment
    • Microcredential in Promoting Active Learning Online
  • Certificate of Completion in Your Syllabus as a Tool to Promote Student Equity, Belonging, and Growth, Student Experience Project (SEP) 2020

More Information

Journal Editorial Services

  • Managing Editor, International Journal of Public Administration, 2022-Present
  • Assistant Editor, Chinese Public Administration Review, 2017-Present

Professional Network Services

  • Secretary, Section on Nonprofits (SNP), American Society of Public Administration, 2022-2024
  • Treasurer, Section on Chinese Public Administration (SCPA), American Society of Public Administration, 2017-2024
  • Treasurer, Section for Women in Public Administration (SWPA), American Society of Public Administration, 2021-2023


Twitter: @HanjinMao

Google Scholar: Hanjin Mao