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Dr. Franklin S. Allaire

Dr. Franklin S. Allaire

Dr. Franklin S. Allaire

Assistant Professor of Science EducationUrban Education


Curriculum Vitae

Franklin S. Allaire, Ph.D. (@misterallaire on Twitter) is an Assistant Professor of Science Education in the Department of Urban Education at the University of Houston-Downtown where he brings fifteen years of experience as a high school science teacher to his undergraduate and graduate courses in elementary and secondary science methods. His research interests focus on issues impacting the success of underrepresented groups in STEM-related fields and the innovative use of technologies and pedagogies in the professional development of science teachers and teacher candidates.

Degrees Earned

University of Hawaii at Manoa Ph.D. Educational Foundation 2014

University of Hawaii at Manoa M.Ed. Educational Foundation 2007

Delaware Valley University B.S. Science Education 2000

Courses Taught

EED 3315: Effective Teaching Strategies in Science Education: EC-6
EED 3325: Effective Teaching Strategies in Science Education: 4-8
PED 3315: Inquiry Methods for Science Teaching; 4-8
MAT 5303: Science Methods for Students in Grades EC-8
SED 3315: Effective Teaching Strategies in Science Education: 7-12
SOSE 3306: Culture in Urban Schools

Experience Qualifications

Books and Book Chapters

Allaire, F.S. and Kamas, A. (In Press). An Out-of-this-World Experience: Connecting Pre-Service Teachers to Astronauts and the International Space Station Through an Educational Downlink. In Farland-Smith, D. (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Student, Scientist, and Teacher Partnerships. IGI.

Allaire, F.S. and Gehring, K.S. (2019). Horror Appeals to Our Dual Nature. In J. Ewing and A. Winters (Ed.), Stranger Things and Philosophy. Chicago, IL: Open Court.

Fugate, C.M. and Allaire, F.S. (2018). Meeting the Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social-Emotional Needs of Students Through the Use of Technology in the Classroom. In J. Nath and I. Chen (Ed.), Technology in the Classroom (2nd ed.).

Wong, S.S, Bahng, E.J, and Allaire, F.S. (2018). Teaching Science with Technology. In J. Nath and I. Chen (Ed.), Technology in the Classroom (2nd ed.).

Allaire, F. S. (2014). Person of Interest: The Machine, Gilles Deleuze, and a Thousand Plateaus of Identity. In P. B. a. R. Arp (Ed.), The Philosophy of J.J. Abrams (pp. 33-45). Lexington, KY: The University Press of Kentucky.

Allaire, F.S. (2013). "Cliff Lost on Jeopardy Baby!" In S. Young (Ed.), Jeopardy! and Philosophy (pp. 39-50). Chicago, IL: Open Court.

Allaire, F.S. (2012). "The Only Good Walker Is A Dead Walker." In W. Yuen (Ed.), The Walking Dead and Philosophy (pp. 195-206). Chicago, IL: Open Court.

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

Allaire, F.S. (In Press). Semester Interrupted: Freshmen Responses to Hurricane Harvey's Impact on their First Semester in University. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research.

Allaire, F.S., Pohl, B. & Miller, D. (2020). Children's Literature as a Vehicle for Fostering Elementary Pre-Service Teachers' Science and Social Studies Engagement. Journal of the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education, 3(3): 9-31.

Allaire. F.S. & Kamas, A. (April 2020). Science That's Out of This World: Connecting Elementary Pre-Service Teacher Science Methods Courses to NASA and the International Space Station. Connected Science Learning, 2(2).

Allaire, F.S. (2019). DREAMing Big: A Case Study of the First-Year Experiences of Three Undocumented Immigrants in Texas. Texas Forum of Teacher Education, 9: 30-42.

Allaire, F. S. (2019 - Online). Findings from a Pilot Study Examining the Positive and Negative Achievement Emotions Associated with Undergraduates' First-Year Experience. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, & Practice.

Allaire, F.S. (2018). "Cobern and Loving's Card Exchange Revisited: Using Literacy Strategies to Support and Enhance Teacher Candidates' Understanding of NOS. Innovations in Science Teacher Education, 3(3).

Allaire, F.S. (2018). "Themes from a Narrative Analysis of Native Hawaiian Experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics." Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 12(3): 173-192.

Allaire, F.S. (2017). "Navigating Uncharted Waters: First-Generation Native Hawaiian College Students in Science." Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 21(3): 305-325.

Allaire, F.S. (2013). "Navigating Rough Waters: Hawaiian Science Teachers Discuss Identity." Educational Perspectives 46(1&2): 31-39.

More Information

2019 University of Houston-Downtown Organized Research and Creative Activities (ORCA) Award; Principal Investigator - Elementary Science Olympiad: A Pathway Towards Building and Supporting Science Teaching Self-Efficacy for Urban Elementary Teachers

2019 Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE) McGraw-Hill Distinguished Scholar Award

2019 UHD Faculty Award - Service Nominee