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Dr. Donna Kohlhausen

Dr. Donna Kohlhausen

Dr. Donna Kohlhausen

LecturerGeneral Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management


After practicing trial law for over 30 years, Professor Kohlhausen earned her MBA and is now a full time lecturer in the subject of Business Law, Environmental Law, Commercial Law, and Employment Law.

Degrees Earned

J.D. University of Houston Law Center

Courses Taught

BA 3301: Legal Environment of Business (3) (U) BA 3302: Commercial Law (3) (U)
BA 3303: Global Environmt Issues in Bus (3) (U)
BA 3315: Employment and Labor Law (3) (U)

Experience Qualifications

Ms. Kohlhausen is a Licensed Attorney. She has 88 hours doctoral level coursework. She has 35+ years of experience as practicing attorney and 19 years Post-secondary teaching experience.

More Information


Aguinis, H., Werner, S., Abbott, J. L., Angert, C., Park, J. H., & Kohlhausen, D. (2010). "Customer-centric science: Reporting research results with rigor, relevance, and practical impact in mind." Organizational Research Methods, 13, 515-539.