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Dr. Donald Musselwhite

Dr. Donald Musselwhite

Dr. Donald Musselwhite

Senior LecturerNatural Sciences

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. in Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, 1995
Master's in Geology, University of California, 1984
Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1977

Courses Taught

Mineralogy, Atmospheres of the Earth and Planets, Structural Geology, Solar System Astronomy, Physical Geology

Experience Qualifications

Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer - University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX; Jan 2007 to present.
  • Research Scientist - Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX; Oct 2003 to Dec 2006.
  • Adjunct Faculty - University of Houston - Clear Lake, Houston, TX; Au 2005 to Jul 2015
  • Senior Research Associate - NASA/JSC, Houston,TX. Oct 2001 to Oct 2003.
  • Research Associate - Lunar and Planetary Lab, Tucson, AZ; Feb 1999 to Oct 2001
  • Research Associate - Mineralogish Institut, Göttingen, Germany; Apr 1995 to Jan 1999
  • Research Assistant - Lunar and Planetary Lab,Tucson, AZ; Aug 1987 to Apr1995
  • Geochemist - Global Geochemistry Corp., Canoga Park, CA; Oct 1985 to May 1987
  • Adjunct Faculty - California State University Fullerton; Aug 1983 to May 1985
  • Teacher - Hamilton High School, Palms, CA; Sep 1984 to Jan 1985
  • Adjunct Faculty -Santa Monica College, CA;Sep 1985 to Aug 1986
  • Adjunct Faculty Chapman College, Los Angeles, CA; Sep 1983 to Dec 1986
  • Exploration Geologist/Consultant - Anaconda Minerals Co., Denver, CO May 1984
  • Teaching Assistant - UCLA -- September 1979 to December 1982
  • Laboratory Assistant - S Cal Coastal Water Proj. El Segundo, CA. Apr 1978 to Aug 1979

Research and Academic Interest

  • Climate Change
  • Air Pollution
  • Planetary Science
  • Experimental Geochemistry/Petrology
  • Martian Meteorites
  • Igneous Petrology


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