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Dr. Cheryl Dowie

Dr. Cheryl Dowie

Dr. Cheryl Dowie

Assistant Professor of Management and OBManagement and Insurance & Risk Management
SSB B425


Dr. Dowie worked as a Financial Analyst and as a Transitions Consultant for Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Accenture, before pursuing her academic career in the UK.

Degrees Earned Management (Manchester Business School, United Kingdom)

Courses Taught

Leadership and Principles of Management

Experience Qualifications

Assistant Professor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (August 2018 - June 2023)

Assistant Professor at UHD (August 2023 - present)

More Information

Primary Research interests:

  • Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • Group Dynamics (leadership and decision-making)
  • Cross-cultural management

Other research interests include:

  • Gender and AI