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Bonnie Blumberg

Bonnie Blumberg

Bonnie Blumberg

LecturerMathematics and Statistics


I enjoy teaching Math, and have done so for 31 years. I have an all level teaching certificate in Math. I became a teacher because I thought I could make a difference, and I believe that education is the only way to change people in a fundamental way. I enjoy challenging students, and at the same time I hope to deprogram them from their fear or anxiety of Math. I hope to teach my students to think logically and rationally and "turn them on" to math! I hope to spark that interest in Math so that students will want to investigate on their own with confidence and without anxiety.

Degrees Earned

  • Bachelor of Science in Math & Reading Instruction, University of Texas, Austin
  • Masters of Education in Math, University of Texas, El Paso
  • All level Teaching Certificate, concentration in Math , University of Texas, El Paso

Courses Taught

MATH 1300: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1301: College Algebra
MATH 1310: College Math for Liberal Arts

Experience Qualifications

Ms. Blumberg has 19 years of experience teaching math courses. She has taught math courses for UHD Calculus Bridge Program, Houston Prep, and Discovery Algebra Math.

Graduate Coursework:

MATH 3323: Matrix Algebra
MATH 3212: Calculus I
MATH 3326: Differential Equations br> MATH 3300: History of Mathematics
MATH 3341: Introduction to Analysis

More Information


Presented findings on Linked Classes at "Gear Up" Spring 2008
Presented findings on Linked Classes at Title V Workshop Fall 2007

Academica Interest

I have developed and taught linked classes that link Math 0300 with Math 1300, Math 1300 with Math 1301, and Math 0300 with Math 1310. I believe this is the way to successfully get students through their required Math sequence because students are in a Math class 4 days a week. They can keep their Math current and engage in Math activities more often. Another reason for the success is the comradery that develops in the class when these students spend so much time together. They also feel better about their Math abilities and no longer have issues with Math anxieties. They work harder to pass 2 math classes in the same semester, and take their first final exam when it is the only final exam they are taking the (7th - 8th week).


I have received the Faculty Award for 20 Years of Service - 2014