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Dr. Bhagyashree Dixit

Dr. Bhagyashree Dixit

Dr. Bhagyashree Dixit

LecturerNatural Sciences


Dr. Dixit is currently a Lecturer of Chemistry at the University of Houston -Downtown.
Dr. Dixit moved to Texas from Scotland in 2007 and started her academic career with Houston Community College (HCC) in 2009. She also taught Chemistry at Lone Star College (LSC)-CyFair from 2011 to 2019. In 2018, She joined the University of Houston, Downtown (UHD). In the UK, Dr. Dixit worked in the industry as well as academia. She worked at Astra Zeneca as a Process Chemist for three years. There, she worked on the process development and process optimization of pharmaceutical intermediates for anticancer, anti-HIV, antithrombotic drugs per ISO9001. She also worked on the production of drug intermediate as per regulatory compliant standards. She solved numerousproduction relatedissues associated with the start-up of the facility, prepared standard operating procedures (SOP), and participated in audits.

Dr. Dixit also worked at Macfarlan Smith (now Johnson Matthey) as a Quality Assurance Officer where she reviewed and approved batch records, packaging, labeling, and other manufacturing-related documents of the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, as per guidelines set by FDA and MCA (Medicines Control Agency, UK).

Dr. Dixit was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, and Heriot-Watt University (UK). Her research was focused on heterogeneous catalysis, kinetics, separations of isomers, and scale inhibitors for oil and gas wells.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) University of Bombay, India

M.Sc. (Physical Chemistry) University of Bombay, India

B.Sc. (Chemistry)University of Bombay, India

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 3201)

Organic Chemistry I Lecture (CHEM 2301)

Organic Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 2101)

General Chemistry II Lecture (CHEM 1308)

General Chemistry I Lecture (CHEM 1307)

General Chemistry II Lab (CHEM 1108)

General Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 1107)

Experience Qualifications

2019-Till date Lecturer Chemistry (UHD)

2018-2019 Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry (UHD)

2011-2019 Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry (Lonestar College)

2009-2019 Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry (HCC)

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4: Jadhav,V.K.,Dixit,B.A.and Tavare,N.S.,"Separation of m-and p-Aminoacetophenones through Hydrotropy", J.Chem.Eng.Data., 40, 669 (1995).

More Information

Dr. Dixit has organized many field trips, including visits to R&D centers of chemical companies and academic institutes.She also enjoys mentoringHonors students.

Dr Dixithas volunteered at various schools and local organizations for different events in the USA, UK, and India. She has also coordinated events at Regional Science Olympiad competitions hosted by Lone Star College for the past several years.

Dr. Dixit thoroughly enjoys cooking and photography.