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Dr. Austin L. Allen

Dr. Austin L. Allen

Dr. Austin L. Allen

Associate Professor of HistoryHistory, Humanities, and Languages


Austin Allen is an expert on the nineteenth-century United States. He specializes in social, economic, and legal change in the U.S. South between 1830s and 1880. He is currently at work on a study of the end of slavery in four Texas counties. His teaching centers on the U.S. South and slavery, Jeffersonian and Jacksonian America, and legal history, although those these interests play out in a wide range of course offerings.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D. University of Houston, 2001

M.A. University of Houston, 1996

B.A. University of Houston, 1993

Experience Qualifications

Teaching Experience:

2002-present, Assistant then Associate Professor of History

2002, Adjunct University of Houston - Clear Lake

2001-2002, Lecturer University of Houston

1996, Adjunct University of Houston Academic Scholarship/Research/Creative Endeavors Origins of the Dred Scott Case: Jacksonian Jurisprudence and the Supreme Court, 1836-1857 (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2006)

5 book chapters

3 Articles

More Information

Research Interests
American Legal History; Antebellum United States, Early American Republic, and Late Twentieth-Century Youth Culture.


Imposing Sovereignty, Containing Slavery: Jacksonian Jurisprudence and the Origins of the Dred Scott Case (manuscript).