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Dr. Akif Uzman

Dr. Akif Uzman

Dr. Akif Uzman

DeanNatural Sciences


Dr. Uzman is a professor of biology and biochemistry in which his primary research focus is gene regulation and early embryonic development. He joined UHD in the fall 1997 semester and has taught a range of courses including but not limited to introductory biology, biochemistry, cell biology, human genetics, and molecular biology.

From 2003 to 2011, Dr. Uzman served as chair of the Department of Natural Sciences; afterward serving as interim dean of the College of Sciences & Technology from 2011-2014. He was appointed dean of the college in June 2014. As department chair, he worked with colleagues to bring in over $12M in grants to support the faculty and student research, expand the capacity of the Scholars Academy, and deepen our teacher training program through the department's first NSF Noyce grant. As chair and dean, he assisted his colleagues in developing UHD's new B.S. in Geosciences and M.S. in Data Analytics degrees. Working with Dr. Janusz Grebowicz and other colleagues in the department, they developed a summer research collaboration and student exchange program involving UHD students and faculty working alongside students and faculty at the University of Gdansk and Technical University of Lodz in Poland.

In 2012, Dr. Uzman was selected to serve as a Vision & Change Leadership Fellow (now PULSE Fellow) to help build a national drive (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science, abbreviated PULSE) to bring modern, best practices in science education to life science departments nationally. He served in its Leadership Council from 2012 through September, 2014; he is currently active in several of its national efforts, including the development of a LEED-style certification system for life science departments and the PULSE Ambassadors leadership training program.


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Degrees Earned

Ph.D. in Zoology, University of California at Berkeley, 1983.
M.S. in Environmental Health Science, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1976.
B.S. in Zoology, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1975.

Courses Taught

(In recent years)

BIOL 4303 Human Genetics
BIOL 4330 Molecular Biology
CHEM 4140 Biochemistry Lab

Experience Qualifications

Dr. Uzman's current interests are focused on the evolution of chromatin complexes and the origin of novel vertebrate genes using bioinformatics. He also works with Dr. Edwin Tecarro in UHD's Department of Mathematics & Statistics and Dr. Amy K. Sater in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston in modeling the interactions of the BMP-4 and FGF signaling pathways during early vertebrate development.

Serving as a PULSE Fellow and member of the PULSE Community and as an editor of Biochemical and Molecular Biology Education, he has developed an interest in the scholarship of teaching with respect to undergraduate STEM education.

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Vision and Change Leadership Fellow / PULSE Fellow, Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education (PULSE);; founded and supported by HHMI, NIGMS, and NSF. 2012 - present