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Staff Excellence Awards

The Staff Council provides UHD staff opportunity, on an annual basis, the opportunity to nominate their peers for special recognition. This recognition comes in the form of Staff Excellence Awards and Staff Council Impact Awards presented at an annual Staff Awards Program. Below is a brief description of the award categories.

Staff Excellence Awards honors staff members for their dedication and service to UHD. There are two awards in this category, the Staff Excellence Award and the T. Chaney Anderson Excellence Award

Staff Excellence Awards


The nomination process is simple. Prepare a package, which includes a nomination form and at least two additional statements of support for your nominee. Please send the sealed nomination packages by campus mail to Employment Services and Operations  S910.

Please Note: To be considered for one of the awards, each nomination package must be complete. A complete nomination package consists of a nomination form and at least two (but not more than five) separate statements from different people in support of the nominee. Incomplete nomination packages will not be reviewed by the board. All nominations forms and supporting letters must be typed, printed out, and submitted together as one complete nomination package. All nomination forms and letters of support MUST be hand signed (no digital signatures will be accepted). ​ 


T. Chaney Anderson Excellence Award 

​Staff Council is honored to rename the President's Choice Award after T. Chaney Anderson, former UHD CFO, a leader who contributed extensive effort towards UHD's growth and success and was a pillar to the foundation of this university.

The T. Chaney Anderson Award is a two-step process. Out of the three Staff Excellence Award winners from the three job categories listed above, one is picked as the T. Chaney Anderson Award winner.



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