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Panopto: Request Access Error

Users may encounter an error when viewing Panopto videos within their course. 

1. If this occurs, do not click the request access button. Proceed to do the following:

1.1. Log out of Blackboard and close your web browser.

1.2. Re-open your web browser and log back into Blackboard.

1.3. Navigate to the Panopto link and click the video again.

2. Another option to view the video without requesting access is to try one of the following:

2.1. Make sure that 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser. Disable any adblocker extensions in your browser. Clear the cache.

2.2. Try opening the course from another browser.

2.3. Try opening the course from an incognito window.

If you try any of the above options but still don't have access, then you should click the Request Access link, and speak with your instructor directly to make sure you're on the course roster.

For additional support, visit