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Panopto: Create Grade Center Columns for Panopto Quizzes


Panopto videos with quizzes can be added to the Blackboard LMS as graded assignments inside the grade center. Note: To create a quiz inside a Panopto video, please reference this document.


Embedding Panopto Content

1. Open the course in which you would like to embed the Panopto Quiz, and select Build Content. From the Build Content drop-down menu at the top of the page, select Panopto Quiz tool.

Click Build Content and select Panopto Quiz

2. Now create the assessment. Enter a Name, select Yes for the Enable Evaluation settings, and input a Points Possible value. Click Submit to proceed.

Enter Name, points possible, click submit.

3. Click on the assessment you just created. The window will load with the Panopto Embedded Uploader interface

Click assessment link

4. Click the drop down menu and select the folder that is housing your video quiz. Next, select the desired video for this assessment by clicking on the radio button on the left side. Click the insert button on the bottom right corner of the window.

Select the Panopto video for quiz

5. You will be redirected to an embedded interactive viewer window.

6. You can verify that the grade column was created by navigating to the grade center and searching for the assessment title.

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