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Panopto: How to link a video

There are two ways to add a Panopto Video link in a Blackboard Content Area: 

This document will cover adding videos as a link.  Please ensure your course has been provisioned for Panopto before proceeding. *If you have Mediasite videos deployed in your course, links to videos is one method to replace them. Please see our other resource page about embedding videos for the other method.*

Adding Panopto Video Link

1. From your desired content area within your Blackboard course, click on the Tools button and then select Panopto Video Link.

 Blackboard Tools in Blackboard

                                                                             Figure 1

2. Select the Panopto Folder where the video that you want to link is stored from the dropdown menu. (Fig. 2)

Note: Only videos associated with the course folder or shared folders will be available to link. 

3. Select the appropriate recording from the Lecture drop-down. (Fig. 2).

4. Optionally edit the title and/or add a description. (Fig. 2).

5. Click Submit. (Fig. 2).

Select a video to link in the course 

Figure 2

6. The new video link will appear within the content area. 

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