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Panopto - How to Integrate Zoom and Panopto in Blackboard

Panopto provides Blackboard users with an easy method for embedding Panopto recordings directly into their courses. Recordings will continue to stream from Panopto without using any storage space on Blackboard.


1. Go to Blackboard and log in (Fig. 1). Select the course you are working in. Make sure that the course is provisioned to use Panopto. For more information on provisioning click here.

blackboard log in button Figure 1

2. Locate the Content area where you are wanting to place the Zoom link for students to access. In the Content area, click on Tools and select the More tools option, and choose the Zoom Scheduler for Panopto (Fig.2).

Course content page for Blackboard. Tools menu displaying Blackboard tool items .  Figure 2

3. Fill out the criteria shown on the screen and click Submit (Fig. 3). This will create a link to Zoom Scheduler inside Blackboard.

Zoom Scheduler Menu window. Figure 3

4. Click on the Zoom Scheduler for Panopto link (Fig. 4). (Note: Be sure to hide this link from your students. This is not an actual link to the Zoom meeting itself.)

Course content window displaying the Zoom Scheduler for Panopto link. Figure 4

5. You will see the Zoom interface inside Blackboard. Click on the Schedule a New Meeting (Fig. 5) button. Fill out the Zoom Meeting Details (Fig. 6). Make sure the "Record the meeting automatically" and "In the cloud" options are enabled. Click Save (Fig. 7).

Schedule a New Meeting button on the right side. Figure 5

Schedule a meeting criteria options. Figure 6

Schedule a meeting criteria options. Figure 7

5. Create a link for the Zoom meeting and deploy the link inside your Blackboard course. When you start the Zoom meeting, the recording will be recorded to the Panopto library. Once the video has been published, you will be able to embed, create a link to the video, and share the video within the course.

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