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Panopto: How to add captions

This document will show you how to add captions to a video in Panopto.

1. Importing automatic captions

1.1 Open the video in the Panopto Editor. 

1.2 On the Captions tab, select the upload or request automatic captions option (Fig. 1).

Click captions on menu, select upload or request captions

                                                  Figure 1

1.3 If you are satisfied with how your captions appear, select Apply in the upper right cotner of the editor to save your changes (Fig. 2).

Click Apply button

                                          Figure 2

2. Edit or delete captions

2.1 Edit a caption. Hover over and select the caption text that you wish to edit. The caption will appear in a textbox. Edit the caption, and hit enter (Fig. 3).

Select caption to edit

                                                                 Figure 3

2.2 Delete a caption: To delete a caption, expand the dropdown menu, which appears as the three vertical dots to the right of a caption, and select Delete (Fig. 4).

Use menu, select Delete

                                          Figure 4

2.3 Once you are done with your edits and satisfied with your captions, select Apply in the upper right corner of the editor to save your changes (Fig. 5).

Apply button

                                          Figure 5


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