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Getting Started with iClickers – Students

How do I register my iClicker remote online?

You can register your iClicker remote at Click the "Register" option in the header to navigate to the registration page or use this direct link here: Once on the form, enter your First Name, Last Name, Student ID, and Remote ID. Then enter the verification code for the CAPTCHA image and click submit.

a screenshot of the iClicker registration form 

How do I register a used iClicker remote?

You register a used iClicker remote in the same way as a new iClicker remote (instructions above). You need not do anything special or different in order to register a used remote. If your remote ID is rubbed off, please see our FAQ on rubbed off ID stickers.

Where do I enter the name of my school during online registration?

You do not need to enter the name of your school during online registration. You only need to enter your first and last name, your student ID, and your iClicker remote ID, located on the white sticker on the back of your remote and in the battery compartment of newer remotes.

How can I tell if I have successfully registered online?

After you have successfully registered via the Web site, you will see a confirmation screen. You will not, however, receive a confirmation email; collecting your email address could violate student privacy laws.

I use my iClicker remote for multiple classes with different professors. Do I have to register online for each individual class?

No. You only need to register once online for your registration information to apply to all your iClicker classes. Exception: If your instructors are using different student IDs to record your grades, make sure you consult with your professors about the proper student ID required when you register online.