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Sync your iClicker REEF account with your Blackboard courses

  • Now that you’ve created your free iClicker REEF account you must sync it to your Blackboard courses.
  • Important: Using the Find Your Course option in the iClicker REEF app is not the same as syncing.
  • If you don’t sync correctly, you may not receive credit!
  • Each class must be synced according to the following steps:

Syncing is as easy as clicking a link!

  1. Login to UHD Blackboard.
a screenshot of the Blackboard login screen  

2. Open the course that you’d like to sync with iClicker REEF.

3. Click the link that your instructor has setup.

    • Example link: iClicker Polling. Your link will probably have a different title.
    • Not sure where to find the link? Ask your instructor.

a screenshot of the iClicker Polling command  

4. You will automatically be taken to the course. (if not, sign into your iClicker REEF account)

    • If you’ve already created an iClicker REEF account but can’t sign in, use the Forgot Password link.
    • Important: Do not create a second account! Only one account can be synced.
a screenshot of the course select screen  
  • That’s all there is to syncing your iClicker REEF account with Blackboard!
  • Still feel confused? Check iClicker Support.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the steps outlined in this document, please contact UHD TLS Training Services by calling (713) 221-8200, or by sending an email to